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If you are looking for replacement windows in Ashford, look no further than Swift Home Improvements. For any property, requiring any particular style of window with any number of key features, we have it covered. We can replace like for like, we can replace old style windows for new double glazed windows and we can install windows to new builds and housing estates.

  • Our replacement windows are `A` rated which means they are supplied with a 28mm sealed unit having low emissivity, coated glass, filled with argon gas and finished off with a warm edge spacer bar giving a thermal efficiency of 1.4 U value.
  • Our window frames can be manufactured in a vast range of colours and styles to suit all houses.
  • Where leads or Georgian designs are required Swift can supply a product to match any existing windows.
  • Security is not a problem as all our windows are supplied with the latest shoot bolt locking and are of course internal glazed as standard.
  • Our PVCu sliding sash will match and emulate any houses with period wooden sashes. These can be supplied with Georgian look alike bars and decorative horns to give the original look.

Whilst these are not in fashion at the moment, we can still offer a range of aluminium windows and doors, also secondary glazing where houses are listed or are in a conservation area. So feel free to enquire and ask questions. We are also available to talk if you call in. So, contact us today for new windows! 

Take a look below for more info and pictures of casement windows, tilt and turn windows or sliding sash windows and contact us today for a quotation.

Casement Windows
Choose better, more Energy efficient PVCu casement windows.

Swift supply energy efficient window systems bringing together market leading components to deliver exceptional performance.

This means quality glass from Pilkington, the UK leader in glazing. Heatguard, the best performing `Warm Edge` spacer technology is used in the sealed unit.

Rehau window profiles include flush weather seals, multi chamber construction, high security locking and stainless steel hinges. Compared to other glazing systems you use less energy to maintain a comfortable environment in your home. With rising cost of fuel, your energy fuel bill will be lower with this choice of window.

At Swift Home Improvements  we guarantee to give you a better performing, more energy efficient PVCu window at the right price.



PVCu windows and timber frame windows frequently include low line glazing beads and gaskets. Some protrude into the sightline and are visible at a windows edge.

Swift’s Rehau glazing system has low a profile, because it is slim and it does not obstruct the sightlines, making PVCu windows more attractive.

Even better, as the matt black spacer reflects the frame colour, it is almost completely invisible. This is perfect for recreating more of a traditional Georgian window style.




To create the most energy efficient PVCu windows, Swifts window system combine proven technology and components from world class suppliers.

Better technology means a longer maintenance free life.

Every energy efficient window we install is fully guaranteed against failure for 10 Years.

Examples of our Casement windows

Tilt and Turn Windows
Swifts’s Tilt and Turn window offers a popular alternative style to the casement.

This features a dual opening mechanism for security, safety and practically.

By twisting the handle 90 degrees the vent tilts inwards to provide gentle ventilation. When turned 180 degrees the side hinge engage to enable the window to be fully opened for ease of cleaning and fire escape.

Swifts’s tilt and turn PVCu windows can be coupled to produce bay and bow windows as well as used in conservatories.


With over 17 different colours and wide choices of handle finishes to choose from the range of options is endless with Swift.

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Examples of our Tilt and Turn windows

Sliding Sash Windows

We have for many years supplied and installed our PVCu sliding sash replacement windows.

Being a frame depth of 1200mm they fill the space of original windows.

Not only do we install a reproduction of this original window, but remove the original weights and grooved section not just fitting to existing.

In supplying the complete service Swift under take to obtain full planning permission where it is required i.e. conservation areas

Examples of our Sliding Sash windows

I can't believe it's not wood.
Residence 9 is a new composite window system designed to replicate the 19th century flush sash timber from Swift Home Improvements Ltd.

It is ideal for use in conservation areas due to its authentic appearance. This authentic design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand.

It can accommodate 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing with market leading thermal and acoustic performance. It achieved one of the highest classifications on weather test due to its robust design.

Residence 9 is manufactured from a modern composite material to give a virtually maintenance FREE finish.

Only available in heritage colours, the “easy clean rebates” are also foiled in the same finish, which means that the high end, maintenance FREE appearance is maintained when the window is open.

Residence 9 is truly a luxury top end window system and can also be incorporated into orangery’s and garden rooms from the Electric Brand which is renowned for its Boutique Window Systems. Beautiful French and residential doors are also available.

Looks Like Wood, Feels Like Wood And Outperforms Wood

If you are replacing windows in an historic house or character property, you may feel inclined to choose wood, there are some considerations ……….

Wooden windows require regular maintenance over the years to keep them looking their best. This upkeep is both time consuming and costly.

Wooden windows are expensive and will often cost more than Residence 9 !

The Residence 9 finishing layer only needs occasional cleaning with soapy water. No painting or special maintenance required.

Wood distorts when wet and cracks when extremely dry on hot days. Sashes can be tight to open in the winter because they swell but draughty in the summer as the timber dries out. This can put pressure on handles and locks as they are forced to operate.

The thermal performance or insulation gained from Residence 9 will usually outperform a timber window with like for like glass.

Put Residence 9 composite window alongside a timber window and ask yourself which is more beautiful ?

Could you distinguish the material from the kerbside of your home ?

Which will be more beautiful in 5 years time ?

Performance, Meets Thermal Rquirements For `Passivhaus`

The thermal performance of Residence 9 is market leading – because of its larger 100mm 9 chambered frame design.

With is comes strength and with strength comes security.

The window is classified as WER A rated. It can achieve a U-Value of 1.2 w/m2k when double glazed and 0.8w/m2k with triple glazing.

Why not visit our showroom to see the stunning Residence 9 window for yourself?

Quintessentially British With Swift

Whether you live in a cottage in a village, townhouse or period property. We at Swift know your Residence 9 windows will look great because as we supply the complete service:-

Swift under take to obtain full planning permission where it is required in conservation areas.

Examples of other kinds of windows we install

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