Solid Conservatory Roofs

Key Features

  • Can achieve a 0.18W/m.K U-value

  • Precision engineered for a perfect fit

  • Pre-cut pieces for easy installation

  • Strong, lightweight aluminium frame

  • Ventilated design to reduce mould and damp

  • Wide range of colours

Upgrade Your Conservatory

Are you suffering from a draughty, leaking or misted conservatory? Transform your space with one of our replacement solid conservatory roofs. These structures offer thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and resilience.

Fully Customisable Solid Conservatory Roofs

We want to provide you with a stunning roof that complements the look of your current space. We offer many customisation options. This ensures that our solid conservatory roofs can suit your style. We can build our roofs to fit any shape or size base. The solid roof features lightweight, steel panels with an attractive, resilient coating.

The high performance panels from Metrotile are available in a wide range of colours, including: black, burnt umber, charcoal, moss green and antique red. Whether your home is modern or period, urban or rural, we can create a roof that suits you. You can also opt to add glass sections or windows to the roof for extra light.

Intelligent Design

The Guardian Warm Roof system is the UK’s top replacement roof option. It features market leading design to ensure cutting edge performance. The lightweight frame allows these solid conservatory roofs to weigh a similar amount to a glass roof. This means if you want the thermal efficiency and privacy of a solid roof, we can replace your existing glass one.

One of the most common complaints regarding conservatories is condensation build up. Luckily for Swift customers, our solid conservatory roofs have a smart ventilated design to prevent this issue. Slots in the ring and ridge beams allow air to circulate, encouraging moisture to leave your home. This also helps to prevent issues like mould or damp.

Thermally Efficient

Our solid conservatory roofs are the intelligent Guardian Warm Roof system. This structure is renowned for its exceptional thermal efficiency. The roof has 3 layers of high performance insulation mean this roof can achieve a superior U-value of 0.18 W/m.K. This impressive value means you can trust that your home will stay warmer and more comfortable.

Not only will a thermally efficient roof keep you comfortable, but it could also save you money! You may need to use your central heating system less often. This means you could enjoy a lower energy bill. This reduced use could also mean that you have a smaller carbon footprint. Our solid conservatory roofs are better for your wallet and the planet.

Professional Installation

Our solid conservatory roofs are precision engineered and pre-assembled to ensure that installation is as simple as possible. The aluminium frame and solid roof panels are very lightweight. This makes it easier to transport and install them. Our team will fit your new roof with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

We always use a team of highly experienced, skilled professionals to install our solid conservatory roofs. They will ensure that the system is assembled to allow the best performance possible. A perfect fit will prevent gaps forming, which would enable leaks and draughts. With our experts, you can enjoy a comfortable home and superior roof.

Solid Conservatory Roofs Prices, Ashford

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Why Choose Swift?

Decades Of Experience

We have been supplying and installing quality home improvements for over 20 years! We know how to deliver on our promises.

Expert Installation

Our team of experienced professionals will install your new roof to ensure the perfect fit. You will benefit from the best performance for the least hassle.

Family Run

We are proud to be a family business. Due to this core, we prioritise the personal touch that larger companies tend to overlook.

Why Choose Our Solid Conservatory Roofs?

Premium Aluminium

Our solid conservatory roofs feature a sturdy, precision engineered aluminium frame. This is highly durable, while also being very lightweight.

Ridge Cappings

To ensure a clean, tidy finish, our solid conservatory roofs feature ridge cappings that can be colour matched to the rest of the structure.

Open Plan Potential

With our lightweight solid conservatory roofs, you can remove the wall separating the main home and the extension to create an open plan space.

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