uPVC Flush Casement Windows

Key Features

  • Authentic woodgrain foil finishes

  • Achieves PAS24 security standards

  • 26 colour options available as standard

  • Choice of double or triple glazing

  • Used for homes in conservation areas

  • Watertight dual weatherseal

The Perfect Alternative To Timber

Our uPVC flush casement windows are a perfect alternative to timber frames. The quality uPVC offers improved weather resistance, longevity and easy upkeep. At the same time, the woodgrain finish and flush design provide an authentic wooden look.

A Classic Look

Our uPVC flush casement windows are designed with authenticity in mind. The range is characterised by the flush finish, where the sash closes perfectly in line with the frame. This design perfectly mimics the result of joinery used in 19th century timber windows. The windows have even been used in conservation areas.

The authentic look of our uPVC flush casement windows is further increased through realistic woodgrain foils. You can choose from our wide range of finish options, including a dual colour style. Our flush sash windows can also be customised with a variety of accessories, such as traditional handles and hardware.

Low Maintenance uPVC Flush Casement Windows

We know that modern life can be busy and it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. To combat this problem, our uPVC flush sash windows need practically no maintenance! The resilient uPVC and factory applied finish won’t deteriorate when exposed to harsh weather conditions. All they need is a quick wipe and occasional oil.

The easy upkeep of our uPVC flush casement windows makes them an ideal alternative to timber. Wooden frames tend to bow, warp or distort out of shape over time. This makes the window stick and usually needs sanding to fix. Timber windows also need to be painted or varnished, but our uPVC frames never need to be touched up.

Practical Performance

Our uPVC flush casement windows offer exceptional performance, as well as authentic style. Due to their practical features, such as triple glazing, our windows are A+ rated for energy efficiency. These frames also boast impressive weather performance. They are rated 600 Pa air permeability, 900 Pa water tightness and 2400 Pa wind resistance.

For your peace of mind, our uPVC flush casement windows also offer excellent security performance. In fact, they can even reach the high standards of enhanced PAS 24. They feature multipoint locking, which can withstand attempts at damage or forced entry. Our flush sash windows also feature a unique, secure night vent option.

The Residence Collection uPVC Flush Casement Windows

For an authentic timber look that is almost impossible to distinguish from the real deal, our uPVC flush casement windows from The Residence Collection are ideal. The Residence Collection is dedicated to creating uPVC windows that offer a perfect alternative to wood. Any home can benefit from these flush fitting frames.

 The uPVC flush casement windows from The Residence Collection mimic the look of traditional timber frames so perfectly that they have been used in conservation areas. At the same time, these windows offer current levels of performance. They are highly secure, long lasting, weatherproof and thermally efficient.

uPVC Flush Casement Windows Prices, Ashford

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Why Choose Swift?

20 Years’ Experience

We are proud to have served Ashford and surrounding villages for over 20 years! For more than two decades, we’ve delivered quality products and first rate service!

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Not only do we offer a 10-year guarantee on our uPVC flush casement windows, but our guarantees are insurance backed. This gives you even greater peace of mind.

Expert Installation

Our expert installation team work efficiently and respectfully. This ensures they offer you the best performance possible, with the least disruption to your daily life.

Why Choose our uPVC Flush Casement Windows?


Our uPVC flush casement windows feature efficient glazing. As well as minimising heat loss, this helps to reduce noise and keep your home quiet.

Conservation Approved

The flush design creates a traditional look that is in keeping with period homes. This means these windows could be used in conservation areas.

A+ Windows

Our uPVC flush casement windows can achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating. This is the highest ranking possible, keeping your home warmer.

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