uPVC Bow & Bay Windows

Key Features

  • Rated A+ for energy efficiency

  • Selection of hardware to choose from

  • Multifaceted design lets in more light

  • Low maintenance finish

  • Wide range of colours to choose from

  • Choice of double or triple glazing

More Light, Better Views

The protruding design of uPVC bow and bay windows makes them the perfect way to add space, style and light to any home. These elegant windows can be seen on homes up and down the UK. They make a stunning, eye-catching design feature.

Classic Window Design

The look of uPVC bow and bay windows is instantly recognisable. The gently curving face of bow windows is ideal for traditional properties. It creates a sophisticated, elegant feature that will complement the look of homes of all shapes and sizes. Adding bow windows to your house will fill your home with natural light.

If you are seeking a more contemporary look, the angular design of bay windows makes them a perfect option. These windows create a square, functional space that is perfect for furniture or storage. Installing these frames is an ideal way to add additional space to your home, without the cost and hassle of an extension or conservatory.

A Practical Timber Alternative

The classic style of our uPVC bow and bay windows offers the traditional look of the timber frames that have been loved for generations. However, you can enjoy all the benefits of modern window design. Unlike timber, our uPVC frames won’t warp, bow or distort. This means you won’t have to sand them to keep the sash opening smoothly.

Our uPVC bow and bay windows are finished with a durable coating. This means that, unlike paint, the colour won’t chip, flake or peel. You will never have to touch up the frames to keep them looking like new. Compared to older, wooden frames, modern uPVC windows also boast excellent thermal efficiency, security, longevity and weatherproofing.

Thermally Efficient

We value the comfort of our customers very highly. That is why we offer highly thermally efficient uPVC bow and bay windows that will keep your home feeling warmer for longer. The intelligent uPVC profile has multiple chambers. This design traps pockets of gas that work as a barrier to keep warmth inside your home and the cold out.

Our uPVC bow and bay windows are also available with double or triple glazing. The impressive insulating features incorporated into the design means that these windows can achieve a fantastic U-value of 0.8W/m2K. They are also rated A+ on the WER scale. This is the highest possible rating there is, so you can trust that you will get superior performance.

Strong And Secure

Our uPVC bow and bay windows are designed to be incredibly strong and secure. They feature our quality casement windows connected using a robust and durable structural bay pole assembly or corner posts. Each part of the structure is precision engineered to ensure maximum structural integrity. These windows are built to last.

For your peace of mind, our uPVC bow and bay windows are incredibly secure. These windows have effective features, such as multipoint locking, which mean they can reach PAS24 security standards. We also internally glaze the windows. This makes it nearly impossible to remove the glass from outside the house, which burglars often attempt.

uPVC Bow And Bay Windows Prices, Ashford

Find a fast, free quote for uPVC bow and bay windows with our online quoting engine. This handy tool makes getting an accurate price easier than ever. Best of all, your quote will be tailored to your specific design, ensuring the most accurate estimate possible.

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Why Choose Swift?

Insurance Backed Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our uPVC bow and bay windows. It is even insurance backed for more reliability.

20 Years’ Experience

We are proud to have served the people of Ashford and surrounding villages for over 20 years. We have built a reputation for quality and consistency.

Professional Installation

To ensure you benefit from the very best performance, we always use skilled professionals to install our uPVC bow and bay windows.

Why Choose Our uPVC Bow And Bay Windows?

Superior Efficiency

Our uPVC bow and bay windows offer the best thermal efficiency there is! Our frames boast a WER of A+, the highest possible rating.

Low Maintenance

For your convenience, our uPVC bow and bay windows require practically no maintenance! All they need is an occasional wipe and a little oil.

Fully Customisable

We give you the freedom to create a truly bespoke design. You can choose from a variety of colours and foils, including woodgrain effects.

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