Garage Doors

Key Features

  • Made to measure to your space

  • Insulated and non-insulated options

  • Reinforced bottom rail for security

  • Strong, corrosion resistant steel

  • Practical safety features

  • Manual or automatic opening options

Practical And Stylish Garage Doors

Our roller garage doors from Gliderol are both functional and visually appealing. Installing one of these is the ideal way to add instant kerb appeal to your home. At the same time, it will also create a safe and secure place for storage.

Safe And Secure

Our garage doors are designed to be a safe option for every home. The automatic obstacle detection feature means that the door will stop closing if it senses an object in the way. This reduces the risk of children, animals or valuables being trapped by the door. As another safety precaution, there is also a lockable emergency release.

For your peace of mind, our garage doors are highly secure. An aluminium bottom rail reinforces the doors, making them more resilient against attack. If you opt for a manual design, we will fit a highly secure, double sided locking system. Automatic doors are operated by a unique code that ensures only your handset will open the door.

Practical Design

Our garage doors are highly practical. To keep your life as simple as possible, these doors need next to no upkeep. The mechanisms won’t need oiling or greasing to stay working smoothly. Instead, the guides only need an occasional clean with white spirit. You also won’t ever need to paint or varnish the door surface; it only needs a wipe with soapy water.

To ensure that you can use your new door with ease at any time of the day, our garage doors can be fitted with an automatic light. This will illuminate the garage for up to 90 seconds, so you’re not scrambling around in the dark. The door motor is also designed to work very quietly, so there’s no concern about waking neighbours.

Fully Customisable

More often than not, your garage can be clearly seen by passers-by on the street. This means that it is essential that it looks visually appealing and reflects your style. Our garage doors will enhance your home with instant kerb appeal. You can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, including traditional wood effect foils.

Our garage doors can be up to 5 metres wide and 3 metres high, so we can provide a door to suit any size home. Every door is made to measure to ensure it suits your individual needs. You can also choose between manual or automatic operation, depending on your preference and budget. Whatever size, style, shape or period your property is, we can create a stunning and practical door to complement it perfectly.


In the past, garages have had a reputation for being draughty and damp. These are issues that make the rooms less practical for use or storage. However, our roller garage doors are designed to prevent such problems. There is a durable bottom seal at the end of the door, which prevents water, debris or draughts from entering your garage.

These garage doors are made using durable, corrosion resistant steel. This high quality ensures that the doors won’t deteriorate after being exposed to extreme weather conditions. The doors won’t warp, rot, splinter or bow. You don’t need to worry about the door losing its structural integrity and becoming less secure and functional.

Garage Doors Prices, Ashford

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Professional Installation

We always use skilled experts to install our products. They will work hard to ensure that you enjoy the very best performance and visual appeal.

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Why Choose Our Garage Doors?

Colour Options

We offer our garage doors in a wide range of colours. The options include subtle neutrals, bold shades and even woodgrain effect foils.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Garage doors from Gliderol come with an impressive guarantee: up to 10 years on the finish, 6 years on mechanical elements and 2 years on electrics.

Space Saving Design

Roller garage doors require far less space than swing open styles. The door forms a compact roll, so you can enjoy the largest area possible.

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