French Doors

Key Features

  • Choice of quality aluminium or uPVC

  • Wide range of colours to choose from

  • Open-in or open-out options

  • Highly secure multipoint locking

  • Efficient, modern glazing options

  • Variety of complementary hardware

Add A Touch Of Elegance

Installing French doors is the ideal way to enhance your home with light, fresh air and uninterrupted views. The dual sash design features a flying mullion, leaving you with a completely unobstructed gateway between your house and garden.

Aluminium French Doors

Our aluminium French doors are designed and created by industry leaders, such as Smart. The natural strength of aluminium means you can enjoy an even slimmer frame, without worrying that this reduces the security and structural integrity of the doors. This creates a more contemporary appearance, while also offering you even better light and views.

As well as offering a stunning appearance, our aluminium French doors are also highly practical. The thermally broken aluminium frame features a polyamide bridge. We also offer insulating, modern glazing. This intelligent design reduces the amount of heat lost from your home. The frames are also incredibly low maintenance and won’t rust like steel or warp like timber.

uPVC French Doors

Our range of uPVC French doors from REHAU is designed to complement our collection of uPVC windows. The quality uPVC is customisable, low maintenance, highly durable and thermally efficient. These doors feature a multichambered profile that traps pockets of gas to create a barrier to keep heat inside your home.

Our uPVC French doors are fully customisable, so you can create a stunning entrance that complements your style. You can choose between open-in and open-out styles to maximise your available space. We can also finish the frames in a wide range of colours, including woodgrain foils and dual colour options. We can even colour match the doors to your windows.

Open Up Your Home

French doors are an incredibly popular choice amongst homeowners up and down the country. This widespread favour is due to the attractive and practical dual sash design. This style allows you to create a seamless connection between your house and garden when the doors are open. When you close the doors, a large glazed area still offers you light and views.

For even greater accessibility, our French doors are available with a low threshold design. This option allows you to create an even more seamless connection between your living spaces. A low threshold is an ideal solution for homes with wheelchair or pushchair users. The robust threshold also features durable materials that can withstand years of heavy use.

Highly Secure

In days gone by, door designs that featured a large area of glass could be considered a vulnerability in a home’s security. However, with our modern French doors, this is no longer the case! The doors are internally glazed using resilient glass. This means that it is incredibly difficult to remove the glass panes from outside the home or break them.

Our French doors also feature the very latest multipoint locking mechanisms and high performance handles. For both our aluminium and uPVC doors we use top quality materials. This high standard ensures that the frames are highly durable, resilient and strong. This means the doors can withstand attempts to damage them or force them open.

French Doors Prices, Ashford

Our products are top quality, high performance and competitively priced. See our value for money for yourself and use our online quoting engine today! You will enjoy a free, tailored, no obligation quote in a matter of minutes.

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Why Choose Our French Doors?

Choice Of Materials

We offer both uPVC and aluminium design options, so you can choose the material that looks and works best for you!

Market Leading Suppliers

Both our aluminium and uPVC French doors are supplied by market leading manufacturers, such as REHAU and Smart.

Slim Sightlines

French doors are famous for their balanced, slim sightlines. This design allows you to enjoy stunning views and floods of natural light.

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